About Kayla Conley:

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach

Learn to Shine on Stage

I’m Kayla Conley, a Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coach and I help you shine on stage. I give you invaluable skills to be free of nerves and confident enough to step into your brilliance. Learn to share your knowledge, insights and stories to inspire and lead.

I can help you own the spotlight and enjoy the moment, completely free of the fear of failure or embarrassment.

Your Work Presents You to the World

It takes time and intense passion.

You are confident and assured when working with your clients; you have a huge love and admiration for them and how to serve them.

But you hold back from articulating this passion in public.

You are nervous, your hands shake and you think you are no good with words when you stand up to present.

The thought of speaking to an audience brings you out in a cold sweat.

I Offer One-to-One Presentation Skills Training, Including:

  • A VIP Programme: find your message and influence your audience
  • An Intensive Speaking Session: prepare for a specific event
  • A Workshop: craft a winning presentation and build your confidence and composure

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

It can be terrifying to present in front of audiences of any size, especially with little or no public speaking experience. For even the most seasoned of professionals, feelings of panic and dread can be hard to avoid in high-pressure public speaking scenarios.

And I know that for professionals, business owners and anyone who needs to make the speech of a lifetime that the pressures involved can sometimes become unbearable and overwhelming.

Be the Voice of Authority on Stage

I believe that every person has the ability to be a great speaker and deliver their core message. You have what it takes to talk from a place of real authenticity and to be the leading voice and expert in your field. I can help you realise this power.

My clients face their fears head on and with the aid of my step-by-step process, special techniques and approaches, they have all conquered their nerves and stood up to present with confidence and ease. You can do the same.

Take your first step to owning the stage and call me today: [call to action button]







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