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Sashka- Hannah-Rappl Founder.

Award Winning Brand Creator and Strategist For Visionary Entrepreneurs. Author and International Speaker

I would love to share my video testimonial to working with Kayla here which was phenomenal –

thank you Kayla!

Michael MacLeod Trainee IFA

I just wanted to say how amazing I found today’s workshop.

Before I came I wasn’t particularly excited and didn’t know what to expect. But to go from having a stigma about public speaking to gaining confidence and actually looking forward to getting opportunities to try it was amazing. The way you delivered today’s presentation was engaging and punchy and you were very likeable from the outset.

I could never have imagined speaking about computer games in front of a group of women and now I have the confidence to maybe try a comedy sketch which has always been an ambition of mine.

Jane Adshead-Grant ICF Master Credited Coach Facilitator and Trainer

I have known Kayla for a few years and had the pleasure of witnessing her public speaking. She has a natural ability to connect and capture the audience with her amazing storytelling and compelling messages which really make you think.

I had a keynote speech to deliver to a large audience and I wanted to raise my game. I was clear about my objectives and wanted some expert support on how to accomplish those and so I hired Kayla to help me. Her coaching was invaluable.

I appreciated her ability to really get to know what I wanted to achieve, her candid feedback on my performance, and tips and techniques to sharpen my delivery and performance. 

Her abundance of sharing some truly valuable tips and care for me to be my very best was outstanding. The feedback on my speech was positive and it seemed to have a strong impact.

Thanks to Kayla I feel compelled to share my message to large audiences more and more. I highly recommend Kayla for any public speaking event you are planning and delivering, you will not be disappointed.

Matt Hodges -St James’ Place Wealth Management

I met with Kayla at a BNI meeting and instantly felt at ease chatting with her, she offered to help me with my confidence for an upcoming event I had planned. I was planning to make a speech at the client event but found myself a little uneasy about the whole idea of standing up on stage in front of 40-50 people. I was introduced to Kayla and instantly felt comfortable around her and that she understood my needs and where I wanted to take them. 

We met on a one to one basis and the difference after just 1 hour was outstanding.

I felt much more comfortable than I ever have speaking in front of an audience. I tend to speak very quickly and get side tracked and Kayla taught me ways to control this and focus on what I had planned to say.

The whole experience was personal to me and you could really feel this in the sessions. It was not awkward and flowed easily and made me feel at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend Kayla to my family, friends and clients, and i know that this is just the beginning of our work together.

Ingrid Talosi- Portrait Photographer

I had a couple of sessions with Kayla because I am terrified of public speaking and I hosted a Business Launch Party, where I had to give a speech. Kayla has given me tips how to calm down before my speech, advised me on how to talk to keep my audience entertained and also advised me on body language. She also spent some time with me to practice and followed up on everything we agreed.

I don’t know what would have happened without her. But I am so grateful she has helped me. My speech went well, I could focus on what I was saying and did not forget my words. I received very good feedbacks about the event and my speech.

I can’t recommend her enough. If you worry about public speaking then she is your person!

Leanne Perilly - Makeup Artist

Kayla is one awesome lady! She is Inspirational with an amazing energy. I decided after a couple of meets with her that I NEED her on my business and personal journey because she will give me the skills I need to promote and grow my business. 

I have employed Kayla’s services for the last six months and I have loved working with her. Her workshops and sessions are invaluable for personal and business development. I have seen immediate results in people’s response to the messages I’m giving out at networking. She has given me the confidence to speak professionally and passionately in the way that I want to do.

If your job/role requires any kind of presenting and communicating to your target audience, please utilise Kayla to give you the professional edge and confidence and deliver first class presentations! You will not be disappointed!

Karis Parker- Sales and Marketing Manager at Cambridge Quy Mill & Spa

I met Kayla at a networking event in the
Summer and on mentioning a forthcoming workshop I knew I just had to attend. Kayla is one of those business women who you instantly connect with. She definitely had similar core values to me. 

The half day workshop was thoroughly well planned and executed. If you are a well versed public speaker or are just starting out you will leave with tips and encouragement to continue your journey. I can whole heartedly recommend.






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