One-to-One Intensive Speaking Support

Intensive Sessions

The 3-hour Intensive Session prepares you for that all-important speaking engagement. Whether you have to deliver a keynote speech to set the tone for a conference, or present your business to convince an important client, this Intensive Session is designed for you. This one-to-one focusses on preparing you physically, mentally and emotionally to stand up in front of your audience and nail it.

In three intense hours you will:


  • Learn how to capture your audience’s attention and keep it so they hear your valuable message
  • Understand how to use language most effectively without hesitation or filler words, using vocal variety and dramatic pauses to keep it fresh, interesting and relevant
  • Practise how to build the tension in the room to finish with maximum impact so people will talk about you long after the event
  • Receive feedback on your speaking performance to iron out potential issues so that you project yourself as a professional speaker and build confidence in your audience
  • Control your nerves with techniques that work so you can focus on your message and connecting with your audience

The Intensive Session caters for those completely new to public speaking, as well as seasoned professionals that understand the importance of public speaking and getting it right first time.

There is a world of difference to how it sounds in your head to how it comes across to a discerning audience. Iron out the issues before the event to ensure success.

Overcome Obstacles to Business

However much you know about your business and however valuable what you’re selling is, if you can’t impart that to an audience simply, nobody will listen. Overcome the obstacles to being successful in business. Learn to mesmerise, inspire and leave your audience with powerful truths they’ll remember. People do business with people they trust and the stage is your golden opportunity.

Bonus Material

  • Unlimited email support until your speaking engagement
  • £397






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